Sea Country Homes New Granite Gate Neighborhood

Case Study: Brand Identity and Launch Collateral


  • Create a brand identity, positioning and launch collateral for a new Murrieta, CA neighborhood amongst a plethora of competitive offerings


  • Conduct an extensive competitive review of new competing neighborhoods to create a unique and meaningful point of difference for this planned community
  • Identify the attitudes and lifestyle of the most relevant target market based on the planned price point and location of the new development.
  • Take advantage of the unique characteristics of the terrain with its extensive amount of granite rocks, along with the rustic image of surrounding Temecula to create “Granite Gate”.


  • Most extensive and thorough competitive analysis, and target market personality profile ever conducted for a SeaCountry location, resulting in a meaningful and powerful point of difference in Brand Identity and positioning.
  • One of the best sell-through communities for SeaCountry Homes


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