Audio and Web Conferencing Service

Case Study: "Reposition and Refresh"


  • Breathe new life into lagging flagship brand by applying current branding, design, SEO and SEM techniques.
  • Challenge: Given the brand's number one SEO position in the audio conferencing segment, only incremental changes over time were possible to avoid losing this critical competitive advantage.
  • Create a relationship with users, especially premium service users


  • Create new brand identity and positioning to modernize the service
  • Develop online CRM techniques, including newsletters, survey's, auto-generated feedback emails and product updates
  • Full redesign of customer account home page to bring focus to growing popularity of reservationless audio conferencing
  • Institute customized, targeted SEM landing pages for varying service features
  • Refine online marketing efforts including SEM keyword buying and bidding, along with the development of an affiliate ad program
  • Add new service features such as an Outlook Add-in, Desktop Sharing, and premium add-ons.


  • 25% increase in sign-up conversion and 30% increase in conference minute use. The focus on reservation-less audio conferencing has been a major contributor to company growth.