Marketing Plan and Launch of Mobile Pay-to-Play Game

Case Study: Interim Marketing Department


  • Create brand identity of Sennari as the leader in CRM solutions to reduce mobile churn and increase brand loyalty using mobile entertainment
  • Create and manage all marketing related initiatives for the development and market introduction of Prize Play; ground-breaking mobile pay-to-play casual games including branding, website, research, communication and trade shows
  • Get placement on decks of major mobile carriers and MVNO's (white label) in Europe and the US


  • Developed corporate website to gain credibility
  • Conduct research to validate pricing, positioning and value proposition
  • Created PrizePlay rewards catalog with "Blingadero" currency
  • Hired technology PR firm to generate buzz and press about launch
  • Introduce product line at E3- entertainment expo with major follow-up at CTIA


  • Placement of PrizePlay games on T-Mobile and Vodafone in the UK
  • Amp'd (MVNO) mobile loyalty program resulting in 30% of game play customer adoption with limited promotion of program
  • National US launch of PrizePlay on Verizon resulting in significantly improved customer conversion to purchase. (12% on PrizePlay vs. 6% on other mobile games)
  • Fierce GameBiz names Sennari to its "Fierce 15" list