Case Study – “Gen Y Mobile Promotions”OBJECTIVES

  • Enhance awareness of Scion vehicles in California and nationally with mobile/digital technology promotions that build excitement and contribute to the brands aura of coolness.
  • Encourage word of mouth, viral activity as part of contest design.
  • Create a relationship marketing database.
  • Take promotions from creation through the product development process, launch and final analysis


  • Develop a series of on-line contests that feature cutting-edge technologies in a fun, interactive community environment appealing to Gen Y targets.
  • ScionSpy: an interactive digital photo contest with a wireless component. Participants used their mobile phones, digital cameras and computers to take pictures of Scions to build the longest digital photo chain online to win prizes.
  • Scion Road Trip: Drivers take a virtual trip across the country building mileage up as they visit friends. The more friends that join your trip, the more mileage you accrue to win prizes. This was an integrated promotional plan tied into the launch of the “Want tC” advertising campaign.
  • Scion Traffic Jam: brings the interactive nature of online communities a step further with virtual party rooms filled with fun, live chat and trivia games. The party host who can “jam” the most people in their party room in 15 minutes wins.


  • ScionSpy was a ground breaking U.S. promotion yielding well over 2 million hits in 4 weeks, achieving corporate objectives. Advertising for the contest was online, magazines, website and various national car shows.
  • Scion Road Trip generated over 3 million hits to the website with over 11,000 players nationally. Online advertising was the major component of the awareness plan with over 280 million impressions served. This contest in conjunction with the “Want tC” advertising campaign has helped to successfully launch the third vehicle in the Scion series.
  • Scion Traffic Jam ran for 8 weeks and generated over 4 million hits to the promotional website. It proved to be a retention tool for Scion, as many players of the Road Trip also played the Traffic Jam game.



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